Slugabed’s recent Time Team LP was a bustling, lucent treat.

Amidst the wiggly synth-jams, ‘Mountains Come Out Of The Sky’ stood out as one of the more enveloping numbers. Essex producer Lapalux has now hopped on a remix of the track, streaming over at Dazed. Like fellow Brainfeeder artist Teebs, Lapalux does a good line in smudging his source material, and his take on Slugabed’s original is as impressionistic as you might expect.

Lapalux twists Slugabed’s button-bright melody lines beyond recognition. Drums misfire, and voices and synths merge into one great soupy morass. There’s something nihilistic about Lapalux’s pelt-everything-at-the-wall approach, but the results are dreamy rather than destructive. The track is available to download below.

Slugabed will be appearing at Fabric tonight as part of the Tiger Beer x Hidden Depths Ninja Tune showcase. FACT will be livestreaming Slugabed’s set from 21.15 to 22.30 – click here for more details.



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