South London house starlet Cooly G’s long-awaited debut album has been officially announced.

Real name Merissa Campbell, Cooly G has been releasing music since 2008, when her CD-R Dub Organiser releases (featuring Cooly classics like ‘Dubplated’ and ‘Dis Boy Pt. 4’ were sold independently to London record stores. Her first vinyl release, ‘Narst’ was signed to Hyperdub later that year, and although Cooly’s releases since have been sporadic, she’s retained a strong fanbase for her juxtaposition of tough London beats and floaty, more ethereal musical elements.

Cooly’s last single ‘Landscapes’ emphasised her voice – which she often uses on her tracks – more than any before, and it’s suspected that her debut album will expand on the vocal side of her work. It’s titled Playin’ Me, and will be released on July 17 through Hyperdub.


01. He Said I Said
02. What This World Needs Now
03. Come Into My Room
04. Landscapes (features Sinbad)
05. Good Times
06. Sunshine
07. Trying
08. Playin Me
09. Trouble
10. What Airtime
11. It’s Serious (features Karizma)
12. Is It Gone
13. Up In My Head



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