In his capacity as Spectrum Spools’ label boss, John Elliott is evidently more of a live-to-work than a work-to-live sort of chap.

Once again, he’ll be applying that gumption towards making music as well as hawking it. Spectrum Spools have announced Akashic Record (Events 1986-1990), a new release from Elliott’s Outer Space project. Outer Space is a rotating collaborative project, featuring supplementary contributions from a host of Midwestern musicians and associates. 2010’s self-titled debut was a sensuous set, as precisely wrought and tactile as anything Emeralds were releasing at the time.

Akashic Record (Events 1986-1990) features contributions from some of electronic music’s more august tinkerers and twiddlers. Philip Whiteside of Wavehead, ex-Coil member Drew McDowall and Jeff Hatfield (of drone outfit Fragments) will all contribute to the record. The album was recorded over the course of a year, and promises to be more “aggressive” and “fractured” than its predecessor.

Akashic Record is out on LP on July 10, courtesy of Spectrum Spools.

1. Ellipse
2. 11:38
3. The Fifth Column
4. October 27th, 1989 – Bay Village, Ohio
5. February 8th, 1990 – Ashland, Ohio



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