Like all techno producers worth their salt, Carl Craig has released material under a stack of different aliases.

C2 sanctioned nom de booms include early pseudonym BFC, the jazz-indebted Innerzone Orchestra and the markedly experimental 69 project. Later this month, Craig will introduce us to a new moniker, the nattily titled Carls Davis.

The Last Decade EP is due on Craig’s Planet E label, and features six self-described ‘sketches’. Analogue techno is the order of the day: ‘Sketches Pt. 1’ is a shimmering, syncopated gem, and the burbling ‘Sketches Pt 3.’ sounds like a Commmodore 64 having a tantrum. Last Decade will arrive as a 12″ and a digital download. You can hear snips from the EP below.

1. Sketches Pt. 1
2. Sketches Pt. 2
3. Sketches Pt. 3
4. Sketches Pt. 4
5. Sketches Pt. 5
6. Sketches Pt. 6



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