Synthesiser pioneer Giorgio Moroder, who produced several hits for recently deceased disco singer Donna Summer, has spoke about how he’d love to make Nicki Minaj his modern day muse.

Speaking ahead of the Ibiza International Music Summit, Moroder claimed that he’s become reinvigorated by the success of dance music in recent years (we’re really hoping he didn’t say “EDM”), and is ready to get back in the game.

“I’m probably going to do some songs featuring a singer – a female or group”, explained the Italian. “I like to work with female singers, which I’ve done a lot in my life. Rihanna would be my favourite, also Nicki Minaj would be great – those are the top girls who I would like to work with” [via Gigwise].

Given how generic some of the production was on the more dance-y end of Minaj’s recent Roman Reloaded album, this could be a match made in Heaven – if still admittedly a long shot. Having said that, we can’t imagine Minaj not being into some of Moroders clothes back in the day, and that tash speaks for itself. While we’re getting excited: can you imagine Moroder working with Electrik Red?

Stream Donna Summer’s Moroder-produced ‘I Feel Love’ below.



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