FACT, longtime readers will know, are rather partial to Teengirl Fantasy.

The New York pair, made up of Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi, make lush, romantic house music that rarely skimps on the endorphins. Their 2010 LP 7AM knocked our socks off, and the album’s flagship single ‘Cheaters’ was our track of 2010. ‘Dancing In Slow Motion’, featuring Shannon Funchess from of-the-moment combo Light Asylum, was also one of that year’s more undeniable tunes. Consequently, we were very interested indeed to hear that the pair had signed to R&S for a second album.

As a precursor to the new full-length (due in summer), the pair have now announced a new 12″ single, titled ‘Motif’. The track will arrive backed with another new cut, ‘Eternal’, and a remix from Actress. FACT have the first UK play of the title track, and it’s a great way to reacquaint oneself with the pair’s inimitable charms.

On ‘Motif’, Teengirl Fantasy peer back into the past without ever falling into the throwback trap. The track starts off with dreamy synth washes and juddering Kraftwerk percussion, but it’s something of a red herring. ‘Motif’ is full of odd twists and turns, from the brief flirtation with acid lines through to the ambient coda. Weiss and Takahashi chuck in a bewildering Stomp!-indebted breakdown around the two minute mark, then snap into the euphoric club mode they know so well.

‘Motif’ will be available on June 25 on vinyl, and on July 9 as a digital download.



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