After a banner 2011, Canadian wunderkind Jacques Greene has continued to put in the hours in the last five months.

Greene launched his own label, Vase, and turned out the silky (and sometimes adventurous) Concealer EP. He’s also clocked up an Essential Mix, and is embarking on his own Grand Tour of Europe very soon.

As Playground note, a fresh Greene cut – ‘Prism’ – is now out in the open. The track, ripped by some way from Martyn’s Rinse FM show this weekend, is due on the Dutch producer’s 3024 label. Like the recent ‘Ready’ snippet, ‘Prism’ shows Greene toughening up his sound.

‘Prism’, despite its title, is somewhat less lucent than classic Greene cuts like ‘Another Girl’ or ‘The Look’. Greene doesn’t exactly go in for grit, but there’s a punch to the percussion programming that might surprise. Wisps of dolorous R&B vocals percolate around the mix, but the effect is graceful rather than gimmicky. Greene does romantic rush well, and ‘Prism’ offers  listeners yet more music to swoon to.



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