As dubstep started to split into different strains around 2008, one of the most discussed was the “purple” sound of Bristolian artists Joker [above], Gemmy and Guido.

Heavily influenced by grime, video games and G-Funk, their synth-driven, woozy brand of funk was a breath of fresh air in the face of a genre that – for better or worse – was often synonymous with greyscale. Joker, of course, has gone from strength to strength in terms of his status and reputation, last year releasing his debut album The Vision on legendary label 4AD, while Guido perhaps remains the connoisseur’s choice: his debut album, Anidea, ranked high in FACT’s best of 2010 countdown.

Gemmy, despite the promise of early singles like ‘Bk 2 the Future’, hasn’t quite found that larger audience in the same way that Joker and Guido have. This year he started his own label, World of Wonders, which will follow its recent pair of Gemmy singles with a compilation charting the rise of him and his friends’ purple sound. Titled Purple Legacy – A History of Purple Wow, it’s 15 tracks long, and as you’d expect, features contributions from Joker, Guido and Gemmy himself.

No tracklist yet, but until we have that, remind yourselves of the early version of Joker’s sublime ‘Electric Sea’ below.

Update: we now have tracklist.

01. Joker – ‘Stuck in the System’
02. Gemmy – ‘Bk 2 The Future’
03. Joker & Rustie – ‘Play Doe’
04. Joker & Ginz – ‘Purple City’
05. Ginz & Joker – ‘Re-Up’
06. Guido – ‘Mad Sax’
07. Gemmy – ‘Maroon Chant’
08. Joker – ‘Tron’
09. Guido – ‘Korg Back’
10. L-Wiz – ‘Straightjacket’
11. Mensah&Baobinga – ‘NSG’
12. Gemmy – ‘Jah know’
13. Guido – ‘Micro X’
14. Ginz – ‘Chrome’
15. Gemmy – ‘Tales of the deep’



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