Lil B has released his first album of classical music.

The internet hip-hop phenomenon / overlord of the Based World / recent New York University speaker has been talking about his rock album of late, California Boy, but it seems that before that, fans of the based one will be treated to something more yearning. Choices and Flowers (released as The Based God, executive produced by Lil B) is, unlike most Lil B releases, available to buy on iTunes (Lil B usually puts everything out for free, and in the past, has eventually offered up free alternatives to the albums that do cost) and features some truly brilliant track titles.

You can buy and preview Choices and Flowers here.


1 Made the Right Choice
2 Lessons from the Wind
3 Walking Through Berkeley
4 My Mistakes
5 New York I’m Home
6 Where Are You Going
7 Lost in the Sky of Love
8 Save the Animals
9 Happy to Live
10 What Came First Are We Alive
11 Tokyo
12 Tribute to Lil B
13 At the Zoo With Mom
14 Dreams Are Real
15 Exhale With Love in Your Chest
16 Wooden Hotel
17 Welcome to America



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