Björk isn’t quite Jools Hollands’ house act – and you definitely won’t see her slow jam the news with the President – but she’s pretty close.

The Icelandic songstrel has made oodles of appearances on the BBC’s flagship live music show. As Pitchfork note, Björk is now due to release a new DVD collating her finest appearances on the show. Later With Jools Holland 1995-2011 spans much of the singer’s diverse career, and features tracks from Debut all the way through to last year’s Biophilia. The DVD follows on from 2003’s Later With Jools Holland. This writer’s favourite appearance, her 1996 version of ‘Hunter’, makes the cut.

The DVD is due on June 8. You can pre-order through her via her website.

DVD tracklisting:
01 Hyperballad
02 Venus as a Boy
03 Possibly Maybe
04 Bachelorette
05 Hunter
06 Jóga
07 So Broken
08 Earth Intruders
09 The Anchor Song
10 Declare Independence
11 Crystalline
12 Thunderbolt
13 Cosmogony



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