Los Angeles production pairing Nguzunguzu have a mudlark’s eye for mischief.

Their 2011 Timesup EP was a cheeky hodge-podge of R&B, oddball samples and footwork’s zanier moments. The pair brought an unruly energy to M.I.A’s 2010 Vicki Leekx tape, on which they handled mixing duties (member Asma Maroof is also her tour DJ).

According to Pitchfork, the duo now have a new EP in the works for Hippos In Tanks. The label should be a fairly natural home for their weirdo tomfoolery. Warm Pulse will arrive on July 3, and will feature five new cuts. The typically eye-watering cover art is available to enjoy/tolerate above.

01 Warm Pulse
02 Delirium
03 Smoke Alarm
04 Drop Cage
05 No Longer



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