Italo-Mancuian outfit WALLS cook up gloopy electro-pop with an indie sensibility.

After their fun but lumpen 2010 debut, WALLS made some proper waves with their superior 2011 LP Coracle. Kompakt have now announced a new EP collecting assorted remixes of Coracle tracks.

The Quietus are currently hosting a stream of the EP, which features both Kompakt residents and sympathetic affiliates. Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt get fraternal on a syrupy mix of ‘Raw Umber’/’Twilight’. Perc, by contrast, adds some industrial sturm and drang to WALLS’ sound. Mancunian producer Holy Other gives ‘Sunporch’ the Tri Angle treatment, and John Tejada offers a somewhat more straightforward take on ‘Drunken Gallon’.

The EP is due as a 12″ on May 28, courtesy of Kompakt.




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