Thumping toms, creeping melodies and some of the oddest sampling around? Say hello to a new release by Lil Jabba.

FACT profiled the then-Baltimore based footwork producer at the start of this year, focussing around his 2011 release Swisher and an eternally rewarding Soundcloud page.

Paint, which dropped over the weekend, is Jabba’s first release since Swisher, and is available to buy as a digital download via his Bandcamp page. It’ll also be released on cassette through the WTR CLR label – you can expect to see an order link on their website in the coming weeks.

On first listen, Paint is a more serene listen than Swisher, with angelic pads held over those distinctive drum patterns that seem to bury into the undergrowth and emerge where you least expect them, but those drums still go hard as Hell – it’s real potent stuff. Oh, and if that’s not enough Jabba for you, his ‘Maven’ featured on this morning’s Daedelus FACT mix.

You can stream Paint below, and download it here.

PAiNT. EP by LiL ♎ JaBBA



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