Acid Pauli will release his debut album, mst, on Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset label on June 11.

The German producer and sometime member of The Notwist, real name Martin Gretschmann, has been making melodic techno tracks for the best part of a decade, with releases on labels like Disko B, Resopal Schallware and his own Smaul Recordings.

According to Clown & Sunset, “Acid isn’t trying to tell stories with his work. His aim is more holistic than that. Mst extends the atmospherics past the dance floor, refracting the idiosyncrasies of our existence back into our everyday lives.”

The album will be available on CD, LP and digital.


1. Open
2. Clone Is A Clone
3. Palomitastep
4. Equation of Time
5. (La Voz) tan Tierna
6. Requiem for a Loop
7. Mutron Melody
8. Eulogy to Eunice
9. Close



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