Rejoice, lo-fi acolytes: mad scientist Gary War has a new record on the way.

The bedroom auteur (and Human Teenager member) will drop his third full-length in July, his first major release since the 2010 Police Water EP. As recently announced, Jared’s Lot is due on Mego sub-label Spectrum Spools. The press packet for Jared’s Lot promises a refined synthesis of War’s pop smarts and experimental impulses. With the release of supercharged new track ‘Superlifer’, you can now do the maths yourself.

Whereas Horribles Parade saw War’s voice liquidated into a weird gloomy sludge. ‘Superlifer’, by contrast, gives us a tinny, vocodered RoboWar. The track is an odd scrimmage of glam rock chords and arpeggiator madness; where War once wallowed in murk, ‘Superlifer’ is bright and electrified. Oddly enough, it’s actually less catchy than woozy War numbers like ‘Please Don’t Die’ or ‘Highspeed Drift’, but it’s still a welcome static shock to the system.

Jared’s Lot is due on July 24.

1. Thousand Yard Stare
2. Advancements In Disgust
3. Superlifer
4. Find Our Way
5. Pleading For Annihilation
6. Care Less
7. World After
8. Muscle Dysmorphia



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