Odd Future have signed Sacramento hardcore act Trash Talk to their label.

Trash Talk have been releasing albums since 2007’s Walking Disease, but much of their following has been on the strength of their sweat-soaked live shows. A statement from the label’s Lionel ‘L-Boy’ Boyce reads thus:

“Odd Future Records signs hardcore punk act Trash Talk as told by Odd Future’s own L-Boy.

So them muthafu***** ova at Odd Future records done signed a fu***** group of crackas and ni**** in a hardcore punk band called Trash Talk. I mean it makes sense since Odd Future fans is them white ni**** anyway. Trash Talk is supposed to be releasing they album called “119” or some sh** thru they Trash Talk Collective Label in the fall.. don’t ask me what the f*** that means cuz I don’t fu*****  kno. I asked Tyler’s trick ass what he thought about that sh** and I really didn’t give a f*** so I’m not gone put that sh** on here. Them Trash Talk ni**** is currently over in Europe with them musty muthaf******.

If you give a f*** about they sh**t then  listen to them ni**** EP on iTunes called Awake or watch the fuckin video ni***.”

In short, they’ll be releasing an album probably titled 119 in Autumn. Odd Future’s label was formed in April of last year, and is run through Sony/RED Distribution. Its first release arrived this year in the form of The Internet’s excellent debut album.

Photo credit: Brick Stowell



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