June 18 sees the release of September Cell, the inaugural 12″ on Dominick Fernow’s new label Bed Of Nails.

Fernow, best known for his work as Prurient and as proprietor of Hospital Productions, is operating the Bed Of Nails imprint through Boomkat in the UK, using it primarily as an outlet for his techno-leaning productions under the name Vatican Shadow.

The new 12″, September Cell, is a four-track affair featuring two variations on the title track, plus ‘One Day He Heard The Call’ and the wonderful ‘Cairo Is A Haunted City’, a brooding, string-heavy number that sound very much in thrall to early Aphex Twin and Richie Hawtin’s ambient work as FUSE. Cairo, incidentally, seems to figure prominently in the Vatican Shadow universe – a track called ‘Cairo Sword Unsheathed’ featured on 2010’s Byzantine Private CIA (and also appeared, in remastered form, on this year’s Blackest Ever Black 12″, Iraqi Praetorian Guard).

Download it here, courtesy of 20jazzfunkgreats.




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