Fish Go Deep will release their second album this month.

Titled Draw the Line, it marks a sophomore effort almost a decade removed from their previous album, 2004’s Lil’ Hand.

Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson to their ‘rents, Fish Go Deep are a pair of house producers from Cork, Ireland, whose career spans back to the mid-’90s. Their 2006 single ‘The Cure & the Cause’, featuring Tracey Kelliher, hit number 23 in the UK singles charts (after a re-release) and was constantly cited as an influence by DJs and producers in the early stages of UK Funky.

Draw The Line will be released on Fish Go Deep’s own label, goDeep, on June 29 [via RA]. Stream ‘The Cure & The Cause’ below.

01. Being Supreme
02. Treetalk
03. Two Wheels
04. All Change
05. Blue Flame
06. Resonance
07. Rub You Out
08. Falling Out
09. Find A Way
10. Z Dub
11. I Don’t Feel Guilty Anymore



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