Serbian bash EXIT has revealed details of its innovative Suba stage.

The space will play host to a bunch of unusual presentations. On the Friday, Dutch DJ click Boemklatsch Records will be presenting their audiovisual ‘Equilizer’ show. The spectacle will feature sixteen “projection pillars”, which will be video mapped with live footage of the collective as they perform.

The stage will also welcome ‘A Taste Of The Russian Underground’, courtesy of Russian blog Look At Me.  Ruskies Trud and Elektra Monsterz will be representing the indie end of things, whereas Ishome and Stoned Boys will be offering more digital pleasures. Belgrade’s KC Grad collective will also be rocking up, featuring a host of native acts. The Middle Beast, Playground Syndicate and The Zombie Kids are among the acts to discover.

They join Erykah Badu, Hercules And Love Affair, New Order, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Lone, Azari & III, Duran Duran and Guns’N’Roses. EXIT– now in its eleventh year – takes place in the unusual environs of Petrovaradin fortress. The bash runs from 12-15 July. Tickets, set at £95, are available from the EXIT website.



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