In the two years we’ve been familiar with him, George Fitzgerald has rustled up a fistful of excellent house/techno productions.

The ManMakeMusic boss garnered attention with his fluttery ‘The Let Down’ 12″ on Hotflush. Subsequent releases saw him muscle up his sound, and he got props from all sides for 2011’s aquamarine ‘Silhouette’ 12″ on Aus Music. Fitzgerald is now returning to the imprint for a new four-track EP, titled Child. FACT have an exclusive stream of ‘Lights Out’, plucked from the Child EP.

‘Lights Out’ twins glowering house chords with a looped spoken word sample. Shed’s a good point of comparison, but where Rene Pawlowitz goes in for cobwebby breakbeats, Fitzgerald constructs a taut, scalpel-point percussion track. Fitzgerald’s definitely sounded subtler – this is one of the straightest things he’s done, truth be told – but ‘Lights Out’ is a fine example of 130bpm converted house.

Lights Out is due on June 11, through Aus Music. You can also read Fitzgerald’s thoughts on Carl Craig’s classic edit of Maurizio’s ‘Domina’ here.



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