MikeQ, overlord of the ballroom, has teamed up with cohort Divoli S’vere for a punchy new remix.

New York’s voguing scene has come under renewed attention in the last year (for a crash course, check out MikeQ’s jacking FACT mix). MIkeQ’s take on the sound is beefier and more diverse in its influences than many of his contemporaries, and he’s been spotlit as the principal ambassador for the new school. His Let It All Out EP dropped last year, and a tag-team EP with MikIX The Cat followed this April (he may also be working with Missy Elliott). FACT has the first play of his take on The Phantom’s glossy ‘Voyeur’.

In MikeQ and S’vere’s hands, ‘Voyeur’ is suitably sinister – highly danceable, but shot through with a hint of malevolence. The rattling call-to-arms drum rolls and bleepy synths are fairly breezy, but when the low end drops, the track takes a vertiginous tumble to the murkier end of the dancefloor. Metallic clanks and indistinct cries sound in the distance. Arresting stuff.

The mix is taken from a new set of remixes of tracks taken from The Phantom’s EP 2. BD1982, Optimum, Ultravid and Sentel also contribute takes. EP 2 Remixes is out now on Silverback Recordings, with vendors listed here.



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