Julianna Barwick’s sublime The Magic Placeone of our favourite albums of last year, placed her firmly on the musical map.

Constructed out of looped vocals and minimal instrumentation, Barwick’s soundscapes are some of the most transportive and evocative contemporary compositions around (She’s also a hypnotic live performer) The results were subsequently reconstituted by the likes of Lunice and Diplo on the Matrimony Remixes EP.

Stereogum report that Barwick has now teamed up with fellw Asthmatic Kitty signing Helado Negro for a new collaborative project, titled OMBRE. An album in on the way in August, titled Believe You Me.

If lead track ‘Cara Falsa’ (available to download below) is anything to go by, the OMBRE project sees Barwick diversifying her sound palette substantially. In contrast to the a cappella symphonics of her solo work, Believe You Me sees her playing with conventional and digital instrumentation alike; she reportedly picks up vibraphone, guitar and synth across the album.

Believe You Me is due on August 27.

1. “Noche Brilla”
2. “Weight Those Words”
3. “Vistate”
4. “Dawning”
5. “Sense”
6. Tormentas
7. “Cara Falsa”
8. “The Nod”
9. “Pausa Primera”
10. “Noche Brilla Pt 2″



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