Lady Gaga to kick off new album campaign in September

Lady Gaga will kick off the campaign for her new album in September.

Despite releasing some of the best pop singles of recent years (‘Paparazzi’, ‘Bad Romance’, ‘Videophone Remix’), Gaga for us has yet to quite crack the album game. The Fame / Fame Monster set received acclaim from many, but often coverage seemed to focus so intensely on Gaga’s personality and her position in pop music that it overlooked the fact that a good chuck of the albums’ material was average. Last year’s Born this Way, meanwhile, followed in its Madonna-ripping lead single’s footsteps in that it was mostly disappointing.

Gaga’s co-manager Vincent Herbert recently spoke [via NME] about the singer’s plans for the as-yet-untitled record, claiming that people can expect “just insane, great records. She’s on tour right now, but it’s just going to be a great record. Look out for the unexpected, when it comes to her – I’m very excited. We’re doing it on the road right now, so it’s very hard, but it’s going to be great”.

As is often the case, Gaga announced her team’s plans for the record via Twitter, and promises to kick off the campaign by announcing its title in September. Depending on where you stand, announcing when you’re going to start announcing the album is either suitable of Gaga’s status as one of the world’s biggest pop stars or just a bit annoying, but we guess it’s part of the game now.

Stream ‘Starstruck’, from Gaga’s Fame / Fame Monster set below.



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