The Swamp81 juggernaut rolls on.

The latest transmission from DMZ founder Loefah’s label comes from Trusta, an alias of Finnish dubstepper Tes la Rok. It’s out today, and clips are available online.

‘Hypnotic’, we’ve got to admit, comes across to us as a little bit Swamp by numbers – the hip-hop sample, 303 bassline and 808 drums are all present and correct without really ever excelling, or doing anything that say, Boddika hasn’t done with a lot more menace in the past. Instead, B-side ‘Feels So’ sounds like the pick of the 12″, with a colder, more unique finish that sets it apart from the rest of that increasingly prevalent 808 house sound.

You can stream clips over at Phonica, and read our recent interview with Swamp boss Loefah here. Loe’s old DMZ comrade Mala meanwhile, has a new album on the way.



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