On Sunday August 26, secretsundaze will host their most ambitious show for some time.

The club brand will be heading to venue-of-the-moment London Pleasure Gardens for an all-day, all-night bash. Mad professor Matthew Herbert will top the bill. From his bricolage masterpiece Around The House through to his recent One records, his brand of house and brittle electronica is regularly high-concept and invariably high-quality. He’ll be joined by Four Tet, currently enjoying something of a vintage run of singles. As his Fabric and DJ Kicks mixes demonstrate, the Text boss can go just about anywhere in his sets, but expect a few nods to two-step and muggy house amidst the exotica.

Hessle Audio’s Ben UFO will also be touching down to demonstrative his exceptionally good taste with a bass-heavy set. Sven Weisemann will also be debuting his live set for the first time, and house aficionado Brawther will also be appearing. Greener talents will include Wbeeza, Ill Blu, DJRUM, Sei A, Al Tourettes and Citizen. Plenty more acts are yet to be announced.

The day portion of the event runs from 12pm until 11pm in the Open Air, with the night section taking place from 11pm until 5am. Tickets and further information are available here.



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