Lil Wayne, fresh from beefing with Pusha T, has stepped onto a remix of a track by Three 6 Mafia don Juicy J.

Rising producer Mike WiLL, best known for Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s ‘2pac Back’ and a host of Gunplay tracks, is behind the boards for ‘Bands A Make Her Dance’. The instrumental brings Clams Casino’s ‘The Fall’ beat to mind, but adds layers of sheen and the odd gothic curlicue – it’s not quite essential, but Main Attrakionz definitely wouldn’t turn up their noses at it.

Juicy J does his sing-song thing, and thoroughly inhabits the track’s strip joint mise en scene. Lil Wayne, meanwhile, has some good lines (“What’s your real name? And not your stripper name”), some bad lines (“If money grows on trees I’ve branched out” ), and some ugly lines (“I’m a rain on ya/Like a windowpane”). Despite the occasional boo-boo, it’s throughly enjoyable stuff that nags all the more with each listen.

The track is taken from Mike WiLL’s forthcoming EST in 1989 Pt. 2.



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