Russell Haswell will release a new 7″ EP and live album through Swedish label iDEAL Recordings next month.

The CD album, entitled Scandinavian Parts (Immersive Live Salvage Supplement), is the fourth such live document from Haswell, following Live Salvage 1997-2000 (Mego CD, 2001), Second Live Salvage (Editions Mego 2xLP, 2008) and IN IT (Immersive Live Salvage) (Editions Mego, 2011). It captures performances given by the British artist in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in 2010.

According to a press release: “The size of the stage, position of the equipment, monitor position and height, hall architecture and acoustics, capacity and attendance, temperature and humidity, and sound level (dB) or Leq Meter limiting all varied from event to event. Each of the final recordings documents the performed audio output, each hall’s acoustics, the audience’s reaction, and their proximity to the recorder, all from an onstage position, while retaining the auditorium’s spatial impression. Recordings failed, or didn’t take place on 9 occasions. No edits, No crossfades.”

The work was recorded, produced, compiled and mastered by Haswell himself, and the CD will be released in early July. At the same time, iDEAL will issue a new 7″ vinyl EP featuring eight new tracks by Haswell and titled, helpfully, 7″ 8 trk EP. The 7″ is housed in a black and white sleeve, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. More information on both releases here.


7″ 8 trk EP tracklist:
1. H30-ish
2. Gritty
3. Acid nO!se Ringtone
4. Recovered VERB
5. Bonus Beats
6. short nasty flashback
7. Munchy
8. ‘Roland + t.c. electronic’ vs ‘M.A.S.F. + Fairfield Circuitry’





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