Bok Bok’s excellent Southside EP has been remixed from start to finish for a forthcoming Night Slugs release.

Released last year, Southside remains one of the best releases on one of the UK’s best labels, taking classic Triton Rack grime (think the 2003-era productions of Jammer, Wiley, Danny Weed and Geeneus / Wizzbit) and recasting it as technicolour, Night Slugs-style music: adding some high drama to a traditionally dark, minimalist style.

Southside Remixes calls on a diverse range of remixers: grime mainstay Spyro leads the way with his take on ‘Silo Pass’, while ballroom producer Vjuan Allure contributes a typically snappy take on the same track. ‘Stacks Riddim’ producer Helix, who recently contributed to Night Slugs’ white label sub-series, takes on ‘Look’, while Night Slugs co-owner L-Vis 1990 dons his Club Constructions (hard) hat, presumably stripping down ‘Reminder’ to the bare essentials.

Capping off the EP is a Bok Bok re-edit of ‘Charisma Theme’. You can stream audio of both Spyro and Vjuan Allure’s ‘Silo Pass’ remixes below.



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