Ninja Tune are preparing to launch a music editing / manipulation application called Ninja Jamm. It looks pretty cool.

The long-running UK label have been tight-lipped on details of the app, but what we do know is that users will be able to take “classic and new” music from the Ninja Tune catalog – and, presumably, as the website lists Martyn’s ‘Masks’ as available, Big Dada and Brainfeeder too – and “remix / play / tweak / effect / bend / fold / shuffle / spindle / mutilate the sound to create your own versions”.  And yes, you will be able to record your own edits and share them with the world.

Embedded below is a video of Ninja Tune fav Amon Tobin fiddling with the app, which should give you a good idea of how it will look and operate. So far confirmed for its Summer launch: music from Bonobo, Shuttle and Martyn, but Ninja are staggering that information pretty heavily, so expect much more by the time it’s out.

Oh, and it’s free. Which is always a bonus. For more information, head over to the Ninja Jamm website.



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