After something of a fallow period, Olde English Spelling Bee are back in our lives.

The NY imprint was our label of the year in 2010. Stellar releases included Forest Swords’ Dagger Path, Julian Lynch’s Mare and James Ferraro’s Last American Hero. In the wake of their banner year, OESB boss Todd Ledford took the label to ground, clocking up precisely zero releases in 2011. OESB stirred back into action last month with Alice Cohen’s Pink Keys, an album of glitzy synth-pop pitched between Emeralds and Nite Jewel. Their efforts are now set to continue with a new record from bricolage techno ensemble Thought Broadcast.

As Juno Plus, Thought Broadcast’s self-titled debut LP is due at the end of the month. The combo is led by NYC artist Ravi Binning, and produce music that falls somewhere between The Minimal Wave Tapes and Hype Williams’ more rickety moments. Thought Broadcast have previously put out releases on minor imprints Phaserprone, Gel and Hierodule. Here’s hoping for another fine run from one of the most idiosyncratic imprints of the last few years.

Thought Broadcast is due on June 26.

1. Consumer Blackmail
2. Motorschiz
3. Ten Toes Down
4. Fortune Teller
5. Jungle Nausea
6. Mad Tea Party
7. Stylite
8. Bonepolish
9. State Children
10. Imperial Mask
11. Yegg
12. Anemic Session



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