Soul Jazz collect <i>TV Sound and Image</i> on new compilation. Jonny Trunk, naturally, assists

Renowned London crate-diggers Soul Jazz will collect British TV, Film and Library Composers on their latest compilation.

The comp’s timeframe spans 1955-1978, and aims to provide an overview of the key British composers of the the era, in the fields of television, film and music libraries. Inside, you’ll find instantly recognisable (even if you don’t know them by name) cuts from folk heroes Pentangle, John Barry, Roy Budd, Keith Mansfield, Geoff Love and more, mostly commissioned by music libraries such as De Wolfe, KPM and Chappell. Even better: it comes packaged with a 50-page book, boasting biographies, photography and sleeve notes by Baker and soundtrack aficionado Jonny Trunk, who, we presume, had some role in picking the compilation’s tracklist.

TV Sound and Image will be released on both CD and vinyl, and is expected to hit stores later this month.


1. Barry Stoller – Condition Red (2.01)
2. Pentangle – Light Flight (Theme from Take Three Girls) (3.13)
3. Geoff Love and his Orchestra – Three Days of the Condor (3.12)
4. The Tony Hatch Sound – Man Alive (2.01)
5. Richard Denton and Martin Cook – Tomorrow’s World (4.10)
6. Brian Fahey and his Orchestra – At The Sign Of The Swingin’ Cymbal (2.05)
7. Bullet – The Contract Man (2.27)
8. Syd Dale – Man Friday (2.35)
9. The Laurie Johnson Orchestra – Echo Four-Two (2.12)
10. Keith Papworth – Hard Hitter (2.53)
11. John Barry – The Persuaders (2.07)
12. Roy Budd – Getting Nowhere in a Hurry (3.08)
13. The Simon Park Orchestra – Dawn to Dusk (3.07)
14. The Marylebone Orchestra – Fiesta Numero Uno (2.15)
15. Sort of Soul – Bird ‘n Brass (2.47)
16. Johnny Gregory and his Orchestra – The Avengers (2.06)
17. Johnny Harris – Fragment of Fear (4.07)
18. Roy Budd – Get Carter (2.58)
19. Neil Richardson – Guide Path (1.43).



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