Downwards have put together a compilation featuring some of the highlights of the post-punk, drone-rock and DIY electronics they’ve issued in recent years, alongside new and previously unreleased material.

The compilation zones in on the kind of material released by the label on 10″ and 7″ over the past five years. The so-called DO series has been the label’s primary focus for a long while now, though of course Downwards remains best known for the pummelling techno records – by Regis, Surgeon, Female et al – that it delivered from its Birmingham stronghold in the 1990s.

The comp, entitled So Click Heels and due out in July, includes some previously released tracks: Tropic of Cancer‘s ‘Be Brave’, as remixed by Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H. Kirk, The Vivids’ ‘Mount Radiant’ and Pink Playground‘s ‘Ten’. The rest is previously unreleased material by The KVB, Antonym, Collin Gorman Wieland, Six Six Seconds,  Silent Servants (yes, with an ‘s’ – this is John ‘Silent Servant’ Mendez and friends), Sandra Electronics (Mendez with label boss Karl ‘Regis’ O’Connor), Deathday, Green Screen Door and V West.


1. Deathday – Dropped Into Obscurity
2. The KVB – Dayzed
3. Pink Playground – Ten
4. Tropic Of Cancer – Be Brave (Richard H Kirk Remix)
5. V West – Catching Me Cold
6. Sandra Electronics – Untitled
7. The Vivids – Mt. Radiant
8. Silent Servants – Traumatic Age
9. Collin Gorman Wieland – Bound To Burden
10. Green Screen Door – Brooding Giant
11. Antonym – Return To Normal
12. Six Six Seconds – Tearing Down Heaven



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