Mike Skinner's The D.O.T. confirm album

Mike Skinner’s project with ex-The Music singer Rob Harvey appears to be bearing an orchard’s worth of fruit.

Although he’s been busy penning his deeply entertaining memoirs, Skinner has evidently been pursuing his work as one half of The D.O.T. with gusto. A trickle of releases have been appearing on the band’s website over the last six months, as have video diary snippets and assorted miscellanea. It now appears that the Streets/Music team-up will definitely result in a full-length.

In an interview with NME, Harvey revealed that an album is 100% in the works. In his words: “We’d both in bands for 10 years and obviously Mike was really successful with what he did and I had a little bit of success with The Music boys but we were just bored of doing the same thing. So we just wanted to do something different”. The pair reportedly  have in excess of 60 songs laid down, some of which are “straight pop songs”, others of which are “dancey”.

The D.O.T. have also not been shy about collaborating. A track with Welsh rapper Elro emerged back in April, and a collaboration with Ghostpoet was pressed on a limited 12″ late last year, backed with a remix by Damu. Both are expected to feature on the record – which, we believe (though this is yet to be publicly confirmed), won’t feature Skinner rapping; instead, he’ll be focussing solely on production duties.

You can still stream Mike Skinner’s 2011 FACT mix here.



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