Update: Aoki has now responded to the rider leak and the subsequent flurry of online mockery. According to Mixmag, Aoki took to his blog to justify some of the more surprising items on the list.

Some have reasonable explanations. Talking about the six T-Shirts, Aoki said: “In any given show I am with two to three other people that I have to take care of. Our lives are dedicated to living on the road and part of living on the road is learning how to travel efficiently.We all just travel with hand carry on…whatever the promoter brings to us becomes our outfit for the day.”

Others, it seems, are for sheer fun: “Two bottles of Cristal is definitely a ballin’ move. Do I need it? No, but if I can get it…sweet!”. Aoki also pleads ignorance about the director’s chair.

We don’t tend to concern ourselves too often with the jet-bothering DJ megaleague, but this story’s too darn entertaining to pass up.

As with all moderately pampered musicians, electro house superstar Steve Aoki has an official backstage rider. Unlike most of his contemporaries, however, Aoki appears to go in for Spinal Tap degrees of extravagance. Harder Blogger Faster have come across a copy of Aoki’s rider sheet, and it makes for mind-boggling reading.

Aoki expects four hotel rooms with two miles of the venue, a “Director’s Chair in view of DJ area on stage” and an eighth of the homegrown draw. Aoki also demand two cakes decorated with the words ‘DIM MAK’ in honour of his label of the same name. The list also stipulates enough food to feed an army, some highly specific booze demands (“NO SCREW OFF TOP. MUST HAVE A CORK”) and a platter of “organic” fruits (italics Aoki’s own). The lunacy extends to Aoki’s onstage requirements: alongside a host of quite reasonable technical demands, any hapless promoter is expected to stump up for an “inflatable boat or dingie” (Aoki presumably isn’t taking any chances after last year’s ill-fated rave cruise)

Enjoy the offending documents below.



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