jj prepare for a <i>High Summer</i> on new EP

Sweden’s greatest Lil Wayne-obsessed pop duo have released a new record, just in time for Summer.

High Summer is a new, free-to-download EP from Erin Kastlander and Joakim Benon, released through the group’s regular home Sincerely Yours (home of Tough Alliance, Air France and more). It follows May’s 7″ single, jj n° 4, and is five tracks long. We’ve just put it on, and Erin’s already paraphrased Pharrell, Drake and Wayne. Some things never change, and this release couldn’t be better timed.

jj have traditionally been a pretty shady act, but FACT managed to bag a rare interview of sorts with them around the release jj n° 3, the group’s second album. You can read that here, and download High Summer here.


1. High Summer
2. 10
3. My Name
4. Big Hearts, Big Dreams
5. Times



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