Bright? Breezy? Perfumed? Not words you’d associate with Lorn’s music.

The L.A. producer’s latest, Ask The Dust, is a grubby and nourish listen, full of buzzsaw synths and whipcrack drum programming. It’s the most forbidding record to emerge from Ninja Tune in a long time, combining Odd Nosdam’s brand of slouch-hop with an industrial aesthetic.

Ever-excellent LuckyMe affiliate Mike Slott has been invited to remix unusually peppy album cut ‘Weigh Me Down’. The results are far softer than the source material: Slott wafts aside the gloom and festoons the track in fairy lights. Lorn’s forceful percussion is replaced by a two-step skip, and Slott opens up lacunae in the densely-packed original. In Lorn’s words: “Mike is a total G and really killed this remix. Took it in a completely different direction in a way only he can do and the more I listen the more it grows on me.”

You can stream the track over at Dazed Digital.



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