Swiss producer Dimlite specialises in electronica which bears the mark of human hands.

His fusion of boogie-funk and furtive hip-hop has a resolutely organic quality, and goes in for surprises and sleights of hand rather than metronomic precision. After a pair of releases on Egon’s Now Again label, he last troubled us with 2011’s Grimm Reality. Said record unfurled in line with its own unusual internal logic, and went in for prettiness more often than it opted for  punchiness. Playground now point towards a full stream of his new record, Abscission.

Abscission collects nine tracks from the Grimm Reality sessions. As Ripl Music explain, the tracks aren’t second-rate cuts, instead kept back so as not to interfere with the flow of  the original record. Nothing here is polished or mastered, so it’s a comparatively rough set, but there are plenty of interesting ideas pinging around. ‘Hubris For Hubris’ has a bossa lilt, ‘Sack’ could be a d’Eon offcut, and ‘Spring Won’t Do’ explores similar devotional territory to the producer’s high-watermark ‘Sun-Sized Twinkies’.

Abscission is out now on Ripl Music.



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