Actress's Werk Discs and Ninja Tune partner up; download new Actress track

Actress’s Werk Discs label has announced a working relationship with Ninja Tune [via The Quietus].

South London’s Werk has been responsible for some of the most alluring electronic releases of recent times, including Zomby’s Where Were U In 92?, Actress’s Hazyville, and various records by Lukid and Lone. We presume that their new relationship with be of a similar vein to the one that Ninja Tune has with Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder, where they handle UK press and distribution for the Los Angeles based label.

Werk has always been sporadic in terms of its release schedule, and although in a recent FACT feature, Actress explained that “we don’t release to satisfy consumption … the stuff we release is quite heavy, so we do feel we need to put stuff out and then take a break; give people some time with it”, we suspect that Werk being a small-scale, home-made operation is also a key factor in its periods of inactivity.

The involvement of the professionals at Ninja Tune look set to speed up its release schedule, with “a new series” of 12″s promised, as well as Lukid’s new album Lonely At the Top and Actress’s forthcoming Ghettoville. To celebrate the team-up, both parties are offering a free Actress track to download. You can grab that here.



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