Gunplay’s scabrous Bogota Rich mixtape was one of our favourite releases of the last three months.

The self-styled ‘human L.A. Riot’ and Triple C’s member is about as subtle as a jackboot to the fontanelle. Bogota Rich isn’t an easy listen, but it’s definitely as invigorating a listening experience as we’ve had all year. The longtime Maybach Music Group associate made a brief appearance on Self-Made Vol. 2‘s ‘Power Circle’, but, according to a new interview with Ross, he’s set to swagger into the spotlight in the near future.

Asked on Hot97 about what was next from the group, Ross promised that we’re “gonna see a lot more” of Gunplay: “Yea he’s been down with me from day one, he’s in the team, he’s good, its just when he was ready to make the decision that, ‘I’ma leave the streets alone a lil’ more, with time enough to focus on my music.’

“Gunplay is a different type of artist and he a different type of dude. He don’t care about awards, he don’t care about whoever, he not into that. But he just making his mind up that he really getting ready to put out a solo album. So you can expect a big announcement soon, I want to see the homie’s dreams come true as well”.

You can watch video of the interview below, which also features MMG crew members Wale, Stalley, Meek Mill, amongst others. [via AllHipHop]



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