Let Aesop Rock walk you through new track 'Leisureforce'

Indie-rap revitalising second-wind is set to continue with the return of Aesop Rock.

The Def Jux lynchpin will return next month with Skelethon, his first album since 2007’s None Shall Pass. Rock’s gruff flow and tendency towards surrealism have been missed (although you could argue that the timing might be unfortunate, considering the ubiquity of Rock’s near-homophonic New York neighbour).

The rapper is now set to ease us back into his worldview with a series of behind-the-scenes video documentaries about the record. The first sees Rock guiding us through opening track ‘Leisureforce’, a song about a “superhero team with the superpower of chilling”. Rock talks about the succession of instrumentals that failed to make the cut, and also pulls some daft poses with a cat. Zip through to 1:20 to hear the track, which is melancholic, scratch-heavy and really rather good.

Skelethon is due on July 10 on Rhymesayers. Kimya Dawson and Dirty Ghosts’ Allyson Baker are among the guests set to feature. [via Stereogum]



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