Southern baller Big Boi will ride back into view later this year with Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumours.

The Outkast rapper’s 2010 album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty was a delightful set of harlequin hustle, tilting from top-down bangers (‘Shutterbugg’) to swoonsome trap fare (‘Shine Blockas’). Following on from the slinky ‘She Said OK’Pitchfork point towards the another dispatch from Big Boi’s new album, lead single ‘Gossip’.

‘Gossip’ has already garnered some attention, for two reasons. The first is that it features man-of-the-moment Big K.R.I.T, currently doing big business with his well-meaning take on Southern hip-hop. The second is the UGK appearance – something of note, considering that Pimp C died in 2007.

As with ‘She Said OK’, ‘Gossip’ doesn’t have the immediate impact of some of the early releases from Sir Lucious Left Foot. The instrumental’s a fairly functional affair, although there are some nice Twilight Zone touches. Big Boi’s as fleet-footed as ever, shouting out Cadillacs and cockatoos. K.R.I.T and UGK sound fairly plain by comparison, although the latter get a gold star for shouting out Jeremy Kyle.

Peep below to hear the radio rip. Big Boi also revealed that he’s halfway through his next album, and that Little Dragon will also crop up on the record.



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