Conrad Schnitzler’s 1971-1983 period will documented be on a eight-vinyl box set, released this week through Vinyl on Demand.

A member of seminal German groups Kluster and Tangerine Dream, Schnitzler died last year aged 74, after losing a battle with stomach cancer days. ConTainer T1-12: 1971-1983 charts the aforementioned years, featuring pre-techno experiments in 4/4 as well as more obviously Krautrock fare.

It also marks Vinyl on Demand’s 100th release, and is out now [pictured right, via Boomkat]. VOD members will receive a bonus 7″ containing a selection from Wolfgang Seidel’s Sequenza project, featuring contributions from Schnitzler.

Schnitzler’s Zug was recently remixed by Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer to great effect – you can read FACT’s review here, and stream audio from it below.



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