"Shit c**ts": Dizzee Rascal loses it with <i>Music Week</i> journalist

And just when you thought A Guy Called Gerald would be the only musician letting out an expletive-filled outburst this week.

In an extremely entertaining new piece on Music Week, the magazine’s Tim Ingham tells a story of interviewing one of Britain’s biggest pop stars, Dizzee Rascal, and finding out that for better or worse, he’s still very much a grime kid at heart.

To summarize, once Dizzee finds out that the interview’s for more Music Week, an “insular industry newsletter” (Ingham’s words), and not for the likes of The Guardian and Q, who he’d previously sat down with that day, he gives up on charming Ingham – at the prompting of manager Nick ‘Cage’ Denton, who tells Dizzee he can now “say what the fuck [he] likes” – and instead addresses “fucking promo” and the “shit cunts” that he has to deal with when promoting a record. Now, obviously it’s just one side of the story told here, but it’s worth checking out.



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