In case the news passed you by over the weekend, ex-Fugee Lauryn Hill is in some serious hot water.

The Guardian reported at the tail end of last week that Hill has pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to file federal income tax returns. She appeared in court in New Jersey, where she said little and elected not to make a public statement. The charged relate to unfiled returns in the years 2005-7.

Hill earned in excess of $1.8m during the period under contention. Interestingly, her $150,000 bail gives her latitude to leave the country to tour outside the US. Each of the charges she faces carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. In an earlier statement on the allegations, Hill had claimed she had been justified in choosing to “defer” the payments during a window of hibernation from wider society. She also went on to attack dark actors in the music industry and the media.

Hill will find out her fate on November 27. In less scandalous news, she recently played her first UK show in five years.



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