About this time last year, Strut Records pulled together an unconventional history of Manchester institution Factory Records.

FAC.DANCE assembled a selection of dancefloor-orientated tracks from the archives. Picks ranged from 12″ mixes by august Factory names (Martin Hannett, Bernard Sumner’s BeMusic alias, Arthur Baker) through to lesser known curios (Blurt, X-O-Dus). Exclaim report that Strut’s rehabilitation project is set to continue with the release of FAC.DANCE 02, the second instalment in the series.

The sprawling set will collate 24 tracks over two discs. As per its sister compilation, FAC.DANCE 02 will focus on 12″ versions and mothballed rarities from the vaults. Big names include A Certain Ratio, Durutti Column and ESG (whose incredible debut single ‘Moody’ makes the cut). Stanton Miranda’s underrated Thick Pigeon project and Nyam Nyam, meanwhile, offer more off-piste pleasures. Expect motorik (Minny Tops), jazz (Kalima) and world flavours (Cheba Fadela). CD and LP versions of the record will come complimented with notes from Factory biographer James Nice, plus a selection of rare photos.

FAC.DANCE 02 will arrive on September 17. The tracklisting for the digital edition – which contains five extra tracks not found on physical editions – is below:

Disc 1:
1. A Certain Ratio – “The Fox”
2. ESG – “Moody”
3. Minny Pops – “Blue Roses”
4. Thick Pigeon – “Babcock + Wilcox”
5. Biting Tongues – “Meat Mask Separatist”
6. Sir Horatio – “Sommadub”
7. X-O-Dus – “Society”
8. The Durutti Column – “Self Portrait”
9. Section 25 – “Knew Noise”
10. Shark Vegas – “You Hurt Me”
11. Fadela – “N’sel Fik”
12. Kalima – “Land of Dreams”

Disc 2:
1. 52nd Street – “Can’t Afford (Unorganised Mix)”
2. Nyam Nyam – “Fate”
3. A Certain Ratio – “Lucinda”
4. ESG – “Your No Good”
5. Swamp Children – “Softly Saying Goodbye”
6. Quando Quango – “Go Exciting (12″ mix)”
7. Surprise – “In Movimento”
8. Anna Domino – “Take That”
9. The Wake – “Host”
10. Royal Family and the Poor – “Vaneigem Mix”
11. Section 25 – “Sakura”
12. Ad Infinitum – “Telstar”



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