We kissed off last week with a Nguzunguzu remix, and now we’re kicking off this week with another track from the pair.

‘Smoke Alarm’ is plucked from the L.A. duo’s forthcoming Warm Pulse EP on Hippos In Tanks. As their FACT mix showed, the pair are happy to dart all over the place, but the new track sees them reining in their particoloured impulses in favour of something a little sleeker.

Nguzunguzu’s production can sometimes come over as unnecessarily cluttered, but ‘Smoke Alarm’ clears away the excess tat and trash. The pair set out a skein of oscillator trails and scattershot percussion programming, and keep things relatively pared down from there on in. Between the Morse code signalling and the brutalised voices, ‘Smoke Alarm’ is also resolutely creepy affair. Music for prowling. [via Dummy]

Warm Pulse is due tomorrow.



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