Robert Hood announces third Nighttime World album, inspired by 2010 documentay Requim for Detroit

Not content with his new Floorplan material, techno trailblazer Robert Hood will release the third album in his Nighttime World series this September.

Titled Motor: Nighttime World 3, it marks Hood’s first Nighttime World release since 2000, and is heavily inspired by Requiem for Detroit?, Julien Temple’s 2010 documentary on Hood’s home city.

In Hood’s words, via Resident Advisor: “The situation in Detroit is making people uncomfortable but that’s a good thing if we look at it in the right perspective. It’s a shaking up and realisation of the condition that Detroit has been in for so long. As it was a long and slow process people became immune to what was happening, almost asleep at the wheel. This once progressive city is now half gone. To make a new future, Detroit needs to look deep within to be able to see a new vision and thrive once more. As long as there is a seed, there is hope.”

Music Man will release Motor on September 17. For an invaluable introduction to Robert Hood and his best records, check out Ruaridh Law’s Essential.

01. The Exodos
02. Motor City
03. Better Life
04. The Wheel
05. Black Technician
06. Learning
07. Drive (The Age Of Automation)
08. Torque One
09. Hate Transmissions
10. Slow Motion Katrina
11. Assembly
12. A Time To Rebuild



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