Herbert readies first Wishmountain album since 1998: it's titled, and inspired by, <i>Tesco</I>

Matthew Herbert is set to release his first Wishmountain record since 1998.

One of the sampling legend’s first recording aliases, Wishmountain was put to sleep in ’98 with the release of its first album, Wishmountainisdead. Now, over a decade later, he’s preparing to release a full-length follow up titled Tesco.

Fans of Herbert can probably guess the rest: Tesco is an album made entirely from sounds recorded from the 10 best-selling items in a Tesco supermarket (according to 2010 survey by The Grocer magazine), with track titles including ‘Andrex, ‘Dairy Milk’ and ‘Lucozade’. As the press release for the album explains, “The guiding creative principle of the Wishmountain project – that each track is made exclusively from eight sounds recorded from a single object – originally stemmed from the technical limitations of Herbert’s recording equipment. Using an eight-output Casio FZ1 sampler, Herbert challenged himself to build tracks using sounds from ordinary items found in the home.”

In Herbert’s words, it’ll be a more dancefloor-friendly affair than the difficult One Pig. “After all the questioning, controversy, head scratching, mud, straw and blood of the One Pig record, I felt like making some old-fashioned dance music. I ended up making this record in 4 days, a spontaneous crunch around the modern supermarket – a place of fantasy, trickery, wonder and horror”.

Accidental will release it on August 6. On top of this, the label will also be releasing a digital edition of Wishmountainisdead, and a limited vinyl repress of ‘Radio’, Wishmountain’s best known single [below]. You can expect those on July 16.


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