Sam’n’Spike excepted, ‘New God Flow’ was the most talked about track at this weekend’s BET Awards.

During his performance, Kanye dropped a verse from the track, which subsequently did some short-lived rounds online. A full recording of ‘New God Flow’ has now emerged under the G.O.O.D Music aegis, with Pusha-T taking top billing.

‘New God Flow’ has the same mega-compressed, sky-scraping feel as Kayne’s ‘Power’. The chorus cribs from Supreme Clientele track ‘Mighty Health’, making this probably the first big league track to give Ghostface Killah the sample treatment.

Pusha, oddly enough, does his best Kanye impression, trading in his languid flow for something rough-edged and breathless. Kanye, meanwhile, ladles on the pomp, asking “Did Moses not part the water with the cane?/ Did strippers not make an arc when I made it rain?”. It’s definitely a stronger cut than ‘Mercy’ and the ‘I Don’t Like’ remix; even if the closing boy scout stomp is a bit silly, Yeezy’s earned it.



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