Long-timers Idjut Boys – who, it should be remembered, dropped their first single in 1993 – are finally getting around to releasing their debut album.

The pair have been putting out house and disco 12″s on and off for the last two decades, but Cellar Door will be their first full-length proper. Daniel Tyler and Conrad McConnell have now roped in Sally Rodgers of lounge-friendly electronic act A Man Called Adam for album cut ‘Going Down’.

The track is a gentle disco number in the vein of Saint Etienne. Some of the chillwave stylings of fellow advance track ‘One For Kenny’ are on display, but ‘Going Down’ is a night-time affair, trading in glitterballs rather than sunspots. It’s about as edgy as a ball of Plasticine, and a few listens can’t quite dispel the lingering feeling that The Idjut Boys might have become somewhat toothless in their dotage. Then again, they’ve spent long enough paying their dues, so there’s no harm in giving ‘Going Down’ a few minutes of your time. Click below to stream or download [via Juno Plus]

Cellar Door will arrive on Smalltown Supersound on July 24.



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